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March 2, 2013
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 Today Arthur had taken you to Matthew's house to spend the night. He was almost like a big brother to you and you loved him very much. You and Arthur arrived at Matthew's house and you were excited. "Do you wanna knock on the door this time ______?" Arthur said picking you up. "Yesh Pwease." You said leaning over to knock. You knocked on the door 2 times and smiled.

Matthew opened the door and had a beaming smile, "Oh you guys are here! Please come inside." Matthew said backing away from the door. You and Arthur walk in, where he sets you down on the ground. "Okay Matthew, she already has her backpack with clothes inside. Just make sure she changes for nighttime." Arthur said handing Matthew the backpack. "Okay, I'll take good care of her. Bye Arthur." "Yes. Goodbye." Arthur said as he left.

Matthew turned around to see you weren't there, he looks around the room to find you. "______? Where are you?" Matthew said looking in the kitchen, "Not behind the couch.." He heard a small voice say. He smiles and walks over to the couch, where he sees you peek from. "I found you _____. Come give me a hug, I've missed you." Matthew said crouching down. You come out and dash towards him, engulfing him in a bear hug. "Maffew!" You scream in excitement.

You loved being with Matthew, he was so nice to you. Once you were older you planned to marry him. But being such a little kid, you didn't really understand how marriage worked. You just wanted to be by his side forever no matter what. You pull away from the hug and look into his eyes. A big smile now formed at the corners of your mouth, a small glint in your eyes. "Maffew when I get older we should get married!" You exclaimed as you put your hands in the air!

Matthew smiles and picks you up, a small blush on his cheeks. "You're just to cute you know that? I guess we could get married, but what if you want to marry someone else?" He said letting out a small chuckle. You cross your arms, "No, I want to marry Maffew." You said poking his nose. He chuckles again, "Okay, okay. You can marry me." He said rolling his eyes with a smile. He sets you down and lets you run around for a bit.

After about a hour of running around, you got very tired. You fell asleep on the couch, Matthew picked you up and took you to the guest room. He changed you into night clothes and put you under the covers. He kisses you on the forehead and tells you goodnight.


You wake up to the sound of thunder and lightning. "Ah!" You said hiding under the covers. You were deathly afraid of thunder, the sound scared you senseless.


"Ah!" You shrieked as you ran out the room, dashing down the hall. You burst through the door and jump onto Matthew's bed. He was still sleeping. You shake his shoulder and try to wake him up, "Maffew? Pwease w-wake up.." You cried. He sits up in his bed and rubs his eyes, "Hmm? What? Oh _____, whats wrong?" He said in a worried voice.


You jumped at the sound and jumped into his arms, you then burrowed you face into his chest. You were shivering out of fear, he put his arms around you and pet your hair. "Hey its okay ______, its only thunder and lightning. Don't be scared." He said trying to calm you.


"Ah! Make it go away.." You said hugging him tighter. "How 'bout you just sleep in here tonight?" Matthew asked. "sniff..okay.." You said climbing under the blankets. You faced Matthew while you tried to sleep, you stared up into his eyes. "I think the thunder is gone now ______." Matthew said turning his head towards his window. "O-okay." You said scooting closer to him.


You jumped again and nuzzled into his chest, he smelt like maple syrup. "I d-don't like the thunder.." You cried. "Shhh it's okay. I'm here to protect you." He said holding you. You felt flustered a bit. "Maffew? Do you love me?" You said out of curiosity. "Of course I do. Why do you ask?" He said sounding confused. "So when we get married I know you love me. I love you to Maffew.." You said with a smile. "I love you too ______, but right now we should sleep." He said putting another cover over you. You both drift to sleep.

~The next morning~

You woke up and went to the living room, where you saw Arthur on the couch. "Ah there you are ______, its time to go home." He said drinking some tea. "But I can't go! I still have to plan my wedding!" You said stomping your foot. Matthew came out of the kitchen and sat on the couch. "With who? Who are you marrying?" Arthur said smiling. You pointed to Matthew, "I'm marry Maffew! We can't go now Arfur!" You said crossing your arms.

Arthur eyes got wide and he quickly looked over to Matthew. "When did this happen?" He said looking worried, "She want to marry me. She is just a kid, she doesn't understand it." He said looking to you. "I do understand! And I know I want to marry Maffew!" You said plopping down on the ground.

You started to cry a little, you didn't really understand why though. "Hey _____, don't cry. I never said I wouldn't marry you. I promise that when you're older, I'll marry you. Okay?" Matthew said crouching down next to you. "R-really? You promise?!" You said as you hugged him. "Of course." He said hugging you back.

~18 years later~

You were sitting with Matthew at the park, you two had went there almost everyday since you were 10. You two had been dating for almost 4 months now, you had completely forgotten about the promise he made you when you were 5. "Hey ______ can I ask you something?" He said looking to you. "Sure." He then gets onto the ground, where he gets on one foot and holds out a black box. It had a beautiful diamond ring in the center. "Will you marry me?" He said blushing a little you excitedly jump into his arms. "Yes!" You screamed with joy.
"You remembered the promise!" You exclaimed.

"I would never forget."

The end
Since all the countries stop aging when their like 23, Canada is still young when you grow up.
The reason your with Arthur is because your a small country.
<3 Canada never forgets a promise~
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