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May 25, 2013
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  -Your p.o.v-

  Run. That was the only thought that ran through my head. I was a small country, and I had stayed out to late, and now the darkness was getting to me. Every sound I heard, scared me even more. The trees seemed to want to reach out and grab me, every howl I heard seemed to echo from behind.

  While I ran, I tripped over my own feet, and I fell to the ground. I now lay on the ground, curling up in a little ball, and began to cry. " m-me..." I whimpered, shutting my eyes tight. I didn't dare move, feeling that something might get me if you did. I felt as you would die.

 -England's p.o.v-

  "Damn, I stayed out to long due to America and his stupid party." I said to myself, sighing in annoyance. I walked through the woods, since it was a shortcut to my house. But while walking, I swore I could hear soft cries. A child? That's what is sounded like. Hearing the cries continue, I headed in their direction, becoming worried.

  I stepped through the bushes and low tree branches, looking for any possible child. "Hello? Is anyone there?" As soon as I called out, the cries had stopped. Which meant that the child could hear me, and they were close by. "Please come out, I want to help." I called out in every direction.

  Suddenly I heard a twig snap, and I instantly stop, looking around cautiously. A small figure came out of the darkness, and then coming into my view. It was in fact a small child, a girl to be exact, and she looked shaken up.

  Her (e/c) eyes were teary, and her (h/c) hair was a bit messy. "H-hello." She said in a small voice, looking up at me. I keeled down and reached a hand out to her. "Would you like some help?" I asked in a sweet voice. Her tiny hand reached out, and she grabbed mine. I could feel her little hand shaking. It was a cold night, so she must be freezing.

 I took off my jacket and wrapped her up in it, and then I picked her up. I then made my way to the path I was recently taking, and I started walking to my house. The small girl had fallen asleep in my arms, and I had to admit it but, she was so adorable. She must have been that new country everyone was talking about at the meeting earlier this morning.

Finally, I reached my home, and I quickly got inside. The young girl woke up, and she was a bit shocked by where she was. Probably because she wasn't aware she was in my home. I walked out of the kitchen with some water, and I sat beside her, offering her some. "Thank you." She said, taking the small glass.

  "What is your name? Your country name that is." I asked as she drank.

  "(Country Name). What's your name? My other name is (Name), you can call me that if you want." She said kindly, smiling at me.

  "I'm England, but you can call me Arthur."


 (Name) was very small and fragile, but she tried to be strong. Everyday she would help out with chores, especially the gardening. I told everyone at the meeting about her, and a lot of them wanted her. France and Russia seemed to want her the most, they even showed up at my home sometimes.

  I had to make sure (Name) didn't get into trouble sometimes. She liked to steal the small cookies up in the cabinet, though I did let her get away with it sometimes. She grew very fast, and now she had the body of a 12 year old. Even as a pre-teen, she is still so kind. I don't know what it is about her, she just seemed different.

  Though its fun having a small country to care for, I was dreading the day she would claim independence. Now, she was as tall as me, but she didn't even once ask for independence. In fact, she barely left my side, which I didn't mind at all.

  I had also come to love her.


 -Your p.o.v-
  "Hey Arthur! Do you want some more tea?" I asked cheerfully, coming into his office. He looked up at me and smiled, "Yes, thank you love." I scurried away and fetched some tea for him, making his favorite an hour earlier. I loved helping him, it was fun, and I wanted to impress him. I loved him, practically since the day he helped me in the woods.
   I poured his tea and brought it to him, and I even poured a cup myself. I came in with two cups, setting on in front of him. "Thank you (Name)." He smiled, looking up briefly. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk, sipping at the tea and looking at him. He put his pen down and looked at me, drinking his cup of tea.

   "(Name)? Do you ever want to be independent?" Arthur asked me, a serious expression on his face. I put my tea on the table next to me, and looked at him. "No, I want to stay with you." I told him, a small smile on my face. "Or do you want me to become independent?" I added. He went a bit wide-eyed, and smiled. "No, of course not. I was just curious." Arthur smiled.

   An idea then popped into your head. "Oh Arthur, guess what! I fell in love with someone, but how do I tell them?" I asked, meaning him, but he wouldn't figure that out yet. His face then brightened up, and he grinned at me. "Really? That's great love! Maybe you could just tell the man, and kiss him. But if he doesn't love you back, don't fret, you got to kiss him right?" Arthur chuckled.

  I stood up and picked up my cup, smiling at him deeply. "Then I shall tell him tomorrow." I then exited the room, leaving Arthur to his studies.

 -The next day-

 I was really happy for (Name), but I was a bit jealous of this man she loved. I wished her luck silently, and went on with my business. (Name) had not left her room at all this morning, which worried me a bit. Yes, I know I should give her privacy, but she usually got up at this time. I got up from my desk and went to go find her.

 I knocked on her door. "(Name)? Aren't you going to go tell that man you love him today?" I reminded her, blushing a bit. There was no response. I grabbed the door handle and twisted, opening the door slowly. "(Name)?" I asked, coming into her room, which was a bit dark.

 She sat on the edge of her bed, looking down at her thumbs. I came closer to her, and took a seat. "Are you okay? Aren't you going to see that man?" I asked, looking at her with a worried expression. "I am." She said, looking up slowly. Her face seemed flustered, maybe she was embarrassed or nervous.

 (Name) looked at me, and her face grew even redder. "I love you." (Name) said, pushing her lips against mine. I was shocked. (Name) actually loved me back? And now she was kissing me, but only until she pulled away quickly. "Do you love me back?" She asked, hope in her eyes. As to answer her question, I embraced her, and I put my head on her shoulder.

 "I love you more than anything in this world (Name). I'm glad you love me back as well." I told her, squeezing her tighter in my hug. She wrapped her arms around me. "I'm so happy Arthur! I'm so happy!" (Name) said, a cheery tone in her voice. I pulled away and so did she, and we resumed kissing again.

 I felt butterflies in my stomach, and my head felt fuzzy. I never had really experienced love, but is this what it felt like? My lips pressed against hers, it was the best feeling in the world right now. When we both pulled away for air, we just looked into each others eyes, (e/c) to green.

 "I love you Arthur."

 "I love you to (Name)."

-The End
This was a request from a friend at my school, who I had recently found out she was a Hetalian!
I know I said I was hiatus, but I wanted to make this for her! She came up with the lines and plot!(:
Hope someone enjoys this.
Don't like? Don't comment.
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Relationships of adults with children are illegal, and recently legal adulthood begins at the age of 18
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