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February 20, 2013
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     You felt the pain on your back again, but you had no idea why it could be hurting so much. You tried to re-trace your steps to remember when you might have hurt it. But you tried not to focus on the pain because Arthur was coming over. You were a country that was almost as big as him. You gained independence from him, it caused him to become a wreck for awhile. But over time he became better and and fogived you. When he came over he would try to cook, which he would make you eat it. That was bad because you usually got sick from his food, but somehow you adapted. You heard the doorbell ring, it kind of hurt to walk but you ignored the pain. "Hey Arthur, come right in." You said stepping aside,  "Thank you ______. So how have you been?" He said walking over to the couch.  "I'm fine." You lied, he stared at you for a moment before saying anything. "You're lying aren't you? I can tell because I did raise Alfred. You know how mischievous he is." He said giving you a stern look. "Yeah I lied okay, Its just my back hurts like crazy." You said sitting down on the couch. "Why does it hurt?" He asked sounding worried. You though for a minute, and then remembered something from almost 300 years ago. The time of pirates.  You remembered the time when you were captured by a group of pirates who had abused you. "________?" Arthur asked snapping you out of your flashback. "Oh sorry, I remember why my back hurts now." You said calmly. Even if your back hurt a lot, you didn't want Arthur to worry. "Let me see your back, lift up the back of your shirt." He said calmly. You blushed a bit. "Okay." You said lifting you shirt. He didn't seem to mind seeing the back of your bra, but you felt a little embarrassed. He gasped at the sight of your back, you could feel him staring at you. "Wh-what is it? Is something wrong?" You said getting a bit scared. "You have a huge scar on your back." He said tracing it with his finger. "O-ow Arthur..don't do that please." You said wincing,  "Oops sorry love." He said pulling his hand away. "Did you know its shaped like an 'S'? Its a very big scar, who did this too you and how did you get it?" He asked curiously. "Um I got it back then, like when there were pirates.." You said calmly. "It happened when I was a small country, it affected my country a lot. But eventually I had forgiven Spain." You said smiling. Spain didn't know you were a small country, he just thought you were just another wench. "Spain did this?! That idiot, he is going to regret hurting you." He said with a blush. For some odd reason he was trying to hide his face, then he pulls you into another hug. You didn't say anything, but just wanted to see what he had to say. "______? I promise to protect you from now on. Just as soon as I go turn that Spainard into a frog." He said pulling away,  "You don't have too, he already said he was sorry. He is such a charmer now-a-days." You said smirking at Arthur. He looked puzzled and the way you described Spain, and you weren't in love with Spain but you knew it would irritate Arthur. "Don't tell me you love that git! He hurt you and you shouldn't forget!" He said sounding annoyed. "Arthur you know that I don't love him, besides why should you care who I do or do not love?" You said smirking again. He stared at you a blushed, he looked very flustered. "No reason." He said calmly, but now you knew the Brit loved you, and of course you loved him too. "Arthur admit it, you love me." You said smiling, He blushed a darker shade of red this time. "F-fine, I'll admit it.." He sighed, "I love you _______." He said leaning closer to your face. You were blushing as well this time, he was so close to your face. 'Oh my gosh, he is really close.' you thought. He leaned in even closer, he looked you in your (e/c) eyes. Suddenly he cups your face and kisses you, he puts his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. He is still kissing you while he pushes you down gently, now he lay on top of you. You both pull away after awhile for air, but after catching your breath you decide to confess to him too. "I love you Arthur." You said smiling, "I love you too ______. Now I think its time for me to visit a certain Spainard." He said getting off of you. "I'll be back later ______." He said running out the door. Before you could say anything he had already left. "Oh geez Arthur, as soon as we have a moment you just gotta go into pirate mode. Well when he gets back, I'm not letting him go." You said smirking. "Well I should probably go save spain..but my back hurts. Well Its nap time.." You then walked to your bedroom and went to sleep.

~Extended Ending~
  Arthur walked through your front door, it was already dark outside. "______? Where are you?" He said looking around the dark house. You slid out from the shadows and tackled him to the floor. "Ahah I got you, now lets go to my room." You said dragging him. "Wait! Noooooooo! I'm not ready for this!" He said flailing his arms around. But it was too late, you closed the door behind you.

The End
Warning: This story might suck, and at the ending let your imagination run wild. ;)
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Why do I feel like this is kinda like based of Jamaica's history, cause they(she) were(was) a colony to Spain then England.
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