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March 4, 2013
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You and Antonio had been friends since childhood. You fell in love with him the first day you met him. As you both got older you became closer to each other. You wanted to tell him how you felt but he had a girlfriend. When you were informed he had a girlfriend you completely broke down. "Now I might never get a chance.." You cried into your pillow.

Even when you and Antonio hung out, he would usually leave to hang out with his girlfriend. The world had felt like it was ending, like trying to become closer to him was useless. You tried avoiding him, hoping to get happier without him.

That idea had not worked at all, you just loved him to much. But did he ever love you back? At maybe any time in your friendship? You might never know...

But what you didn't know was that Antonio did love you, he just didn't think you loved him back. You both loved each other, and neither knew how the other actually felt. He started to notice your sadness, he wondered what might have made you so sad.

You were hanging out with him at your house, having to tell him something important. You didn't want to see him cry when you told him. Because deep down inside you knew that even if he wanted to do something about it, he couldn't do anything. This was going to be hard.

"_______? Please tell me why you seem so sad." Antonio said worriedly. You look up at him, a tear ran down your cheek. "I'm not sad it's just I miss a family member." You lied. "Are you sure chica?" "Yes.." You said putting your head down.

This time you were sad about something else. You only had a month to live, due to a rare deadly disease. There was no cure, the only thing to do was slow it down for awhile. But after that you would only have a month or so to live. Now you felt like you had to tell Antonio but you still hesitated, even though you were going to...die.

"Antonio? I need to tell you something important." You cried, "What is it _______?" He said wiping some tears from your face. "I only have a month to live...due to a rare disease. There is no cure.." You cried more. He sat there next to you, mouth agape and wide eyes. The thought of you dying made him shudder, he could feel tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

"_-_______? Please tell me you're joking...please.." Antonio asked, tears streaming down his face. You nodded 'no' and as soon as you did, he broke down on the floor. You broke down as well, and plopped down on the floor next to him. He instantly hugged you, crying into your shoulder. You cried into his shoulder too, you felt scared and sad at the same time.

"I'm sc-scared Antonio...I don't want to die.." You cried, warm tears running down your face. "I d-don't yo to d-die either, I promise to stay by your side till the end.." He cried. "Th-thank you Antonio.." You said hugging him tighter. You were scared out of your mind, fearing death itself.

For the rest of the month Antonio kept his promise. He took you to carnivals, restaurants, and really anywhere. He tried to keep you happy, and keep your mind off of the disease.

The doctors asked you too stay in the hospital for the rest of the week. The month reaching its end, day by day going faster than before. Almost every country brought you flowers, most of them cried. Antonio stayed in the hospital with you, he was going to tell you that he loved you all along.

When he entered your room he saw you were sleeping. He sat next to your bed and leaned over to you. "I don't know if you hear me or not, but I love you ______. I have loved you for the l-longest time, even if you don't l-love m-me back...I.." He put his head down on the railing and cried silently.

You had heard every word, you put your hand on his head and pet his hair slowly. He looked up and looked at you. You smiled weakly, tears running down your face as well. You both stayed silent, not saying a word. Crying was all you could do right now.

Today was your last day and you prepared for it as best you could. Trying to think of happy things, like all the great memories you made with Antonio. Other than Antonio, the allies and the axis powers were their too. They surrounded you bed and cried, Antonio held your hand.

Everyone had left when nighttime came, But Antonio still sat their and held your hand. "A-Antonio..?" You said opening your eyes, "Shh its okay, I'm right here _______..." His eyes blurry from tears. You felt the darkness slowly engulf the world around you. Now you wanted to tell him how you felt. "Antonio?" You said with a slow breath, your breathing slowing down each second. "Yes?" He said clutching your hand still.

"I love you..." You said breathing your last breath. You closed your eyes and slipped into a peaceful slumber. Your smile disappeared as you passed, he felt your hand slowly become lifeless. He looked up and saw you not breathing, he could hear the heart monitor go dead. Your last words had made him lose it, his cried into your lap. Knowing he would never hear your beautiful voice, or see that pretty grin of yours.

The doctors came in and told Antonio to leave. He sat in the hospital hallway and cried into his hands. A small light resonating around him, as if someone was there with him.

At your funeral everyone had come to say their goodbyes. You lie in the casket peacefully, you held a pretty rose in your hands. Everyone kissed you on the cheek or forehead, either falling to the floor to cry or cry on someones shoulder. They all loved you, Antonio the most.

When it came time to bury you, Everyone brought flowers to set on your grave. Antonio stood their with the other nations, trying their best not to cry. They had now buried you completely, your grave now covered in new soil and flowers. Once everyone had left, Antonio still stood by your grave. Tears still running down his cheeks.

Nighttime had come and the full moon was out. He sat their in front of your grave. "Antonio?" He heard a voice say, he looked up to see a bright figure. It was you. You looked angelic almost, a light around your body. "_______?" He looked shocked to see you. You leaned towards him, your faces only inches apart. His face was glowing from your light. He felt your hands on his face, that is when the figure kissed him.

"I love you Antonio, maybe one day we will meet again. Goodbye my love." You then slowly faded away. Leaving him there alone. A smile came across him face, "Maybe one day." He said looking up to the sky.

"Maybe one day..."

The End  
Is it bad I cried while writing this?
Dedicated to my friend ~ThatNekohacker
Reader-chan is an angel!
Picture belongs to ~NarutokingdoM
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